Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Self-owned Reversal

O Raiser (21/2/2009)

Second kit of 2009, spent 2 half days on it.
Can be said to be my first non-humanoid kit, I think.
Ok, a few posts down theres Primrose.

Looks pretty nice. The side binders feels like its loosely connected to the main body but somehow it holds pretty well. The kit only has 2 pieces of parts, the least number I've ever seen in a HG.

Then comes the combination with the 00 Gundam kit completed last month. Thats where I messed up. I thought those 3 holes on the GN Drives are just holes, I filled them up. It was until I wanted to do the combination then I realized that the hole is used to attach the side binder on. PANIC!!! Buy another 00 or Raiser? No, to save money, I made 2 custom connectors (pic in the 00 Gundam photoshoot) to swap with the original and all went well. Phew.


  1. Nice work on Raiser and 00 Gundam,they look very good also the photos are excellent, I'm still learning how to made such a good photos of gunplas ^^ . One question,did you complately paint both kits?

  2. Thanks ^^
    For this 2 kits, I only painted whats needed.