Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Got hooves?

Cherudim Gundam (28/2/2009)

Worked on this one from end-February to early-March.
Found the design a bit plain so I did a tiny bit of detailing on the arms, drilled holes at the shoulder armour and some lines at the lower arms. Work went rather well with no disasters.

Nice kit. Compared to 00, Cherudim has better 'abdominal' articulation but lacks at the feet-ankle joint. Cherudim has some fresh design for the feet, looks pretty cool but like hooves to me. The small surface area and limited articulation of the feet makes it harder for it to stand properly.

With the new weapons introduced in the anime, I wonder how Bandai will release them. In another 'Trans-am gloss injection' kit?

[6/4] Practically the whole day on phototaking. Was experimenting with a table lamp as light source. Moving the lamp around trying to light up dark areas but in turn introducing shadows here and there. Somehow my camera don't capture the green well. Will post the photos soon.


  1. Hey iron2000, how are you? Please can you make a Cpro Winamp skin again. I really want a skin with the appearance of the new Windows Media Player 12. Let your answer here..I like all your skins that you made..

    Note: Excuese my english, I do not write it very well, n_n

  2. Quite surprised to find a skin comment here.

    Hmm..I may try to make one since theres a demand for it but maybe not now. Maybe after the exams.

    Glad you like the skins!

  3. Thanks iron2000 for your answer. I will be waiting for the skin when you can do it.

    Good luck in your exams!!!!

  4. Would look better if you can remove the seamlines even if you don't paint

  5. Thanks for the comment!

    Actually some parts did annoy me:
    - the line at the top of the head (tried sanding, it even the surface but line still visible, don't want to scratch the plastic too bad to have to paint it)
    - uneven surface where piece join at lower leg just above the feet (sanded to even the surface but line still visible, didn't want to risk hurting the plastic by removing the snapped pieces to put cement)
    - line and stub mark at moveable pieces that the haloscreen connect to at the backpack (sanded)
    - Shield bits stub marks (sanded)

    I find it important not to scratch or accidentally scratch/damage the plastic as I usually don't paint the whole kit.

  6. hey, i got here through danny's blog. i think this is a 1/100 cherudim huh? all of them has to waist joint isn't it. thank god i didn't buy any gunpla from Season 2 since the new itmes keeps coming out...

  7. Hi Mike!
    Nope, this is a 1/144 Cherudim.
    I don't like the size of 1/100 (just like my preference of Nendo Petits to Nendos :P)

    Yup, didn't wait long enough.
    Already ordered the Heavy Weapon version though.