Sunday, January 18, 2009

King of Kings

00 Gundam (16/1/2009)

My first build of 2009!
Spent 2 days on it.

All the new joints and polycaps make this build rather fresh and interesting. Painting on the clear blue is a bit tricky. One thing I don't like is the 3 deep "holes" at the GN Drives so I filled them up with putty. Not as skilled as the modeller of DHM, I just painted and lined the detail on the flat surface. Tried scratching a few panel lines, very few, didn't turn out that good though.

[24/2] Spent the whole day phototaking 00 and Raiser. Tried to strike dynamic poses to utilize the flexibility of the kit. The GN Drives held stiff with the shield and the binders. The shield attaches loosely to the arm, fine if you don't touch it much. Transforming the GN Sword to Rifle mode and back has loosen the handle, now sometimes the sword bends splitting the handle when it is attached to the side armor. Swapping parts for the joint GN Sword further loosen the hinge of the splitting handle.

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