Thursday, January 1, 2009

Little flyer

Primrose (23/12/2003)

Went on to this right after Hrairoo, got to keep the modelling mojo flowing. Anyway its been in the box for almost 2 years (same goes to the other AoZ kits left) better get it done up.

Being an FG (Furoku Grade, "Gift Grade") its all white, spent quite some time painting and spraying this one tray kit. Did one in white and one in Titans colors. It looks fun, its got the escape pod mode, the body mode and it can "socialise" with other AoZ parts. But as soon as its painted you won't want to do anything funny as it will scratch the paint. The beam cannon has superb detail that was hard to paint.

As said the escape pod mode was fun, part swapping then photo frenzy.

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