Monday, August 11, 2008

Akai Overload

Gundam Astraea Type-F (8/8/2008)

Well the date is so nice that I decided to start a kit (and that long weekend is a factor too). Done over a span of 3 days with day 1 - head operations, day 2 - spray paint, day 3 - spray paint, pannel line and assembly. Used up 2 cans of red spray for this guy. Not quite done with it yet, the shield is in the works done(as of 17/8) and there is one other thing planned for it.

Had to "seal" movement of the knee joint as it scratches the paint.
Solved by a bit of gap widening (as of 19/8).
Pretty sad, thats why I don't usually go into such big paint jobs.

Didn't cut myself when building this kit, theres enough red already.
A red Gundam for National Day.


  1. Did you use primer spray for this model or just pure spray paint / what kind. the model looks awesome btw

  2. I used 2 reds(spray cans), one is a flat red the other a gloss red. One from Mr Color and the other a Gundam Spray. Wrong color choice as the color tones are too similar.

    I did use white primer spray only on the blue/dark colored parts.