Saturday, July 26, 2008

Twin Drive Pack

Twin Drive Pack (21/7/08)

Well, this can be said to be my biggest gunpla project so far for the year. The idea first came from the 00 Gundam dual GN Drive design and a bit of my desire to beef up Astraea. Not much of a scratchbuilder at all so I found myself staring at the picture of 00 Gundam time to time. Then it struck me to finally make use of that extra Strike Noir. Bought another Exia (totalling to 4). Then with the parts and a bit of plaplate, the Pack is made.

The Twin Drive Pack is compatible with Exia too and partially compatible with Strike Noir and WeissStahl.


  1. looks good. u bought another exia just for this? O_O are u gonna build the extra exia?

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    I'll probably be making the extra Exia to an Astraea F.

  3. how can i do it, please tell me. my email is

  4. Basically its made from the Strike Noir backpack, 2 Exia GN Drives and plaplate.

  5. can you make more and sell them on ebay?

  6. Don't think so.

    I might consider if I can scratchbuild well or do casting but I lack both skills.
    And its pretty costly to get the 3 kits for the parts.

  7. 1 is a loner, 2 is a party, 3 is the crowd, 4? Should be fun to have an army of Exia Gundam!

  8. lol!

    So far the 4th is not built yet but some of its parts are used for the TDP and Astraea F kai.
    But I think there are still enough parts to mash up the 4th.

  9. You should have gotten an exia RII or Astraea, and used the spare GN Drive from there instead

    1. I would but both are not out yet at the time of the build.