Sunday, December 4, 2011

Not so recent works 2

Haven't been making any kits for months, the stash that was lying on the floor has been tucked away in a new cupboard. Now trying to be satisfied with looking at pictures of kits.

Anyway heres a look back at some of my past original creations:

Strike Blanc (?/9/2006)

With the black Strike Noir, I thought a white one would be good to complement it. So I bought another one and painted it with a white scheme. Some small mods are done at the faceplate and the shoulder extensions.

Fuurai Bakunetsu Godmaru (late 90s?)

This was originally a broken kit (bought another Godmaru). Some time in the late 90s I think I painted the whole kit red (called it "Red Riding Hood"). Then later on I kitbashed it with parts from 3 other SD kits. Thats the short story :P

V-Hexa FC (late 90s?)

Was once a complete kit but lost an arm one day. Kitbashed it with a 1/144 Serpant Custom I got from a friend. Promptly named it V-Hexa FC at time of writing as it reminds me of the fiddler crab.

Zaku i2k Custom (2005?)

Had an idea of a Super Robot and Real Robot image pair of Zakus at that time, this one is the one with the RR image. Double shoulder shields, gunner pack and an TTT color scheme.

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