Thursday, May 20, 2010

The bug slayer

HoiHoi-san (12/5/2010)

Finally! One kit after a long break, also the first of 2010. Got down to fix up my first doll-like/humanoid kit, HoiHoi-san. Spent three days on HoiHoi and one day on the weapons. Phototaking fun took one day, wanted to take pictures that show 'life' in HoiHoi-san.

My second Kotobukiya kit, refreshing build. As it has a human-like appearance I decided to use cement to join the parts and sand down to remove the seams, but didn't paint the kit so the seam is still visible. Wanted the flat look of the figma figures but the flat spray gave a more rough grainy texture. It frosted the black parts, used a black Real Touch marker to fix it.

The kit uses ABS for the moveable joints parts, making the kit pretty stiff. Especially the neck joint, I have to break down the head to turn it. Pretty interesting how the hair is built up. The usamimi mini-jack is pretty tight, can't take it out once its in. Maybe its because I painted it. If only Kotobukiya included the lace underskirt.

[EDIT] Print the petticoat! Look here.

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