Monday, July 7, 2008

The Skinny (from The Bulk)

Gundam Nadleeh (30/6/2008)

At first it looks to be a simple kit, only 3 main pieces of runners. But I took one day just to get the reddish color right. Mixing 3 to 4 times, removing paint and repainting. I'm just not skillful enough. The paint job is not that good but I got to move on. Having the red done, I finished the other parts the next day. The legs looks pretty plain if I go according to the box so I painted more grey on it.

The beam sabers actually fit nicely in the fist compared to Kyrios which is rather loose. Had problems posing with the GN Cannons as the fist don't really grip well enough and the cannon just sort of rotate/swing down. Nadheeh has flexible legs but the arms are pretty normal like the rest.

The photoshoot got fun when I started part swapping with Virtue. Did a bit of experimenting with my camera's flash too.

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