Monday, April 14, 2008

Not so recent works

Recently rediscovered a link to the old Machine Mess forums. Found some of my previous posts there and remembered of the old photoshoots I moved to another PB account when Yahoo Photos closed down.

Some notable ones:

Strike and Astray (11/2004): These 2 can be said to be the first 1/144 kits properly done up by me. Remember having the old Re-GZ and Jegan 1/144 kits way back but they are done pretty badly.
Gundam WeissStahl (26/6/2005): My first (and only) 1/144 kitbash. Its made up of a Freedom Gundam and M1 Astray which I bought for modding my SDs. Sword is from Retsumaru and guns from a Kotobukiya weapons set.

SEEDshooting 1, 2 & Extended (2003?): 3 photoshoots focusing mainly on the SEED SDs. There are 3 SD Strikes featured. The first is built as normal, the second is bought for the arms for use in my S.W.S kitbash with the 1/144 NG Striker packs, the third was kitbashed with the HG Freedom Gundam. I had Astray fixed with an inverted M1 Astray backpack. Then comes the official Freedom SD. Quite some time after SEEDshooting I completed SD Aegis(2005?).

Sorry for the blur pics as I have lousy phototaking skills at that time. :P

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